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A Little Ramble.

Today is a day of tired.

You can't help but have them.

Most of us human beings in the United States don't get enough rest - at least according to an article I read somewhere reputable I'm sure.

Either that or it's our fast food preprepared preservative filled diet.

You name it I've read it.

People crow from the rooftops about sloth and apathy.

My viewpoint is this - everyone's situation is different. Humans are not made with cookie cutters - there's evolution and individual genetic ancestry for Pete's sake. Look back at history and you'll find a host of problems with our diets.

I mean, we drank alcohol, (wine, ale, etc.) because the water wasn't safe at one point. If the solution is, here let's drink something fermented that isn't great for our body because we've fouled the water supply with our sewage then yeah - you've got problems.

Then grains were infected with fungus or bacteria, I can't remember which, and caused sickness and death.

Sanitation, or lack thereof, and close living along with increased trade played a huge part in the Black Death. Ring Around the Rosies is not a child's song with happy roots.

I guess my point is - the world is a messed up place and always has been. What we do with the mess and how it encourages us to change is the important part.

Eventually, I'll get sick of neglecting my body for mental pursuits and get busy exercising and sleeping more like I should be.

Life is too dang short to obsess over every dang thing.

It's cyclical.

Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down.

Just keep going.

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