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Finding time.

My writing schedule may not sound appealing to some but I got used to lacking sleep after I was blessed with my children. If nothing else those tiny hungry cries in the night can teach you to survive on caffeine and determination.

Generally I get up about 2 or 3 in the morning and write until 5 then jump in the shower and work all day then come home and take care of my family. If I'm lucky in the evenings I get to squeeze in some fingerpainting on my Ipad or poetry writing.

The point of this post is to let you know there will never be some perfect time for you to sit down and write that story in your mind. You make the time and you plug away even when you feel discouraged and the little demons on your shoulder screaming failure are louder than the love of what you're doing.

Writing is solitary for the most part and you have to have a drive inside that keeps you going. If you're lucky you'll have some cheerleaders along the way. My mother is my very first reader for all my work and if I didn't have her insight and feedback my life would be fairly grim. My husband let's me bounce idea's and concepts off of him and never tells me to stop.

There are going to be roadblocks and rejections. They abound as you share your work but I say take them with a grain of salt and decide for yourself. Don't let other's opinions shake your core. If you love what you're doing keep on keeping on. :)

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