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Every time I begin to doubt myself as I fight the tiny voice in my head constantly telling me I'll never be good enough I try to think of all the things I've already done.

Thing One - I have written four complete novel length rough drafts in under two years. Two of which are already out for sale and two others are in process.

Thing Two - I'm still writing. None of my life has moved itself around to accommodate my desire to create fictional friends other humans beings want to invite into their own imaginations.

Thing Three - Who makes the rules? You/I/we do. Within reason of course but no one can tell us what or when to write, we have the freedom to choose our own path. Let's face it - there aren't a lot of careers or passions you can say that about.

Thing Four - Being a writer lends us the excuse, (although who really needs one), to explore the world around us in the name of research. We have always and I hope for many years to come lived in an ever changing universe. Fascinations abound and being a writer lets you entertain what ifs right alongside facts and data.

Thing Five - I've met some fairly fantastic people. I'm part of a writing group, I have online friends who write and read that I adore and I get to meet other human beings with stories to tell and help them get started. Excellent!

So, in closing, when you start to get that feeling inside - you know the one - sit and think. Brush emotion away from the dark roots and think. Be aware of yourself and your thought processes. Sometimes a little darkness is needed to appreciate the light, otherwise - how would anyone know the difference?

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