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Dueling Ideas.

I swear my ideas are going to set each other's flags on fire.

What could be the problem with this?

Well, let's see, here are some thoughts:

  1. I'm trying to finish one novel while fending off the impatient mutterings and threats of another novel. (THE BLOOD KEY still needs editing and I won't release it until I've finished the whole trilogy because, uh pressure! Readers read books and then want to know what happens next, of all the nerve.

  2. The two ideas are at least different genre's so the confusion of melding them together is nil when drafting, BUT one won't be quiet while momma's working. (Shhh, no talking, no talking.)

  3. I've heard/read other authors talk/post about following the 'Muse' and going with the strongest idea to stay inspired. Am I wrong not to do that? (It's my brain and my methods to tell my stories sooo...its only wrong for me if I say it's wrong for me. So there brain, take that!)

  4. Do I even believe in a dang 'Muse' at all? (My single quotations may answer this question for me.)

  5. Writing, no matter how you cut it, is hard work so, maybe my self-discipline will freaking pay off. (One dayyyy over the rainbowwwww...) Be glad you can't hear me sing. I once was singled out of a bar crowd as, and I quote here, "Who's the one that sounds like a dying cat?" Everyone at the table pointed my way. Traitors. I won a prize but still.

  6. I've already let myself be distracted by another book once, and so I feel putting DESCENT to the back burner once again is a letdown. (And I would be right.)

  7. Maybe I'm sad and don't want to end the Weaver Series, so I'm making excuses to prolong it? (I really do love Cass and Silver. They are some of my best imaginary friends.)

  8. Wow, I'm making a list about idea confusion and procrastinating at the same time! Go me. *Facepalm*

I'm stopping here because my blog pep talk to my myself seems to be working. My ideas are going to play nice, or the loud one is going in time out. It may still chatter from the corner and talk smack, but I'm in charge, so nose to the corner it is. Or, er, nose to the grindstone. Eh, whatever.


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