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My last query letter. The agent sounded so interesting I couldn't resist!

CRubinoBradway@...... Mar 26 2014

Mrs. Rubino Bradway-

I read your write up in The Guide To Literary Agents and I was intrigued. I haven’t heard of that many agents who specifically ask for YA Science Fiction and that is exactly what I write.

No dystopian future, no boarding school unfortunately and I do have violence where it is necessary to the story but it isn’t gratuitous. The first manuscript, (CHIMERA) is set on present day Earth, the second, (CHANGELING), is off-planet with a race of light, space and time bending aliens, and the third (VECTOR) is back on Earth.

My protagonist is two female characters in one. Cassandra and Silver Rainbow suffer from a bizarre form of chimerism. Cassandra’s body plays host to her sister’s mind and soul.

They live in a world with a secretive evolved segment of humanity, Weavers, that can traverse the known universe with their minds on an alternate plane. Earth is in its infancy and the Galactic Alliance, a governing body of sentient planets, is at least attempting to keep the wolves at bay. They aren’t completely successful, hence the girls need to flee Earth at the end of book one.

The second book on Axsa, told from Silver’s POV, does at least involve some black robes and school time at The Hub but nothing is smooth sailing on this new planet. The dangerous matriarchal society of eight foot tall aliens is a mine field. Throw in some genetic mutations and special gifts for the girls and you get absolute havoc.

The third book is back on Earth from Cassandra’s POV and it is nonstop action from the get-go. I’ve got assassination attempts, coups and natural disasters not to mention the death of a central character. (Again none of the violence is gory or gratuitous.)

Currently I am working on the fourth manuscript, PHOENIX. I get up at 2am or 3am every day and write until 5am then get my family out the door. I have been through two editors with my first manuscript and my edit date for CHANGELING is set for 4/2/2014.

I’ve despaired of finding a like-minded agent to represent me and you are my last ditch attempt before I self-publish on Amazon.

I believe my characters to be strong and my world building to be solid. My goal is for real and interesting female characters to be represented in Science Fiction. I hungered for that at a young age and found it in Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne McCaffrey and even Piers Anthony.

Thank you for your time and my plan is to self-publish in May, 2014 if the traditional publishing doesn’t pan out by then.

You sound like a person I would like to know even if you don’t pick me up! Have a great day.


Vaun Marie Murphrey

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