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Relaxing into the slow times.

Every time you sit down in front of the keyboard isn't the same. You have different things on your mind and sometimes your thoughts need to play catch-me-up.

My advice is, to borrow from Douglas Adams and don't panic.

The back of my mind is always working but at times the front of it becomes consumed with all the things in life that still need doing. Maybe there's a reason you're paused or going slow.

Relax into the rhythm of your particular method and let go of those dreaded words, writer's block. In many cases we force ourselves to stop in the story because we're so worried that we aren't keeping up with some clock or map in our heads that no one really cares about.

The second worst thing you can so is compare yourself to others writers. Quite frankly, they aren't you and you should enjoy being you while they enjoy being them.

In writing, as in life, there is no one right way.

If you feel jammed up go do something different for a while or read an author that inspires you! As you can tell by the attached pictures I like to doodle. :)

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