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In June I've begun participation in the #amwritingchallenge and I'm enjoying it so far.

I have a few weeks yet to go on my twelve week 'The Artists' Way' course, THE BLOOD KEY is winding down (I think), I have a signing this Saturday at Barnes&Noble in Lubbock and #WTWA is next week!

So much excitement is inside me for all the good things I have in my life. My family is first and foremost among them. If I travelled back in time to the past me and told her all of my present day goings on she'd blow cigarrette smoke in my face and tell me to get medicated.

Anyway, for Day One of the #amwritingchallenge I spoke of where I write. (In my dark kitchen with my trusty dog sidekick, Daku.)

Day Two I was to post one page of my manuscript:

The papers began to rattle in the wind and Miller crumpled one end in an attempt to keep them from blowing away into the vine covered shrubs. One of the big dragonflies that had welcomed me home yesterday swooped between us. Miller dodged the huge insect with a wild flail then remembered his purpose.

His glare was undeserved. It wasn’t like I had insect minions.

I felt the air shift behind me as the door opened wider. Dr. Miller’s frown deepened when he spied Izzy but he didn’t address her.

“You are to come with me now. If you don’t make a fuss these gentleman won’t have to cuff you.” At the word ‘cuff’ his top teeth grazed his bottom lip and the tip of his fat tongue licked the corner of his mouth.

An urge to punch Miller right smack on the hairy bridge of his nose struck. I fought it valiantly. That’d get me locked away for sure. Aggravated assault in front of police witnesses – yeah not a winning course of action. Neither was I going to get in the back of the police cruiser parked by the dancing dolphin fountain.

I snatched the papers from his hand and began to read in earnest. Blah, blah, blah – legal nonsense, party identified as me, lack of guardian, revert to care of Institute for interim, yada, yada and yada.

My eyes raised and I acknowledged the two sweaty necked officer’s impatiently swatting mosquitoes before I said, “This doesn’t mention an evaluation at all. It says if I don’t have a legal guardian I’ll have to take up residence at the Institute until a new one is assigned. My particular need for a babysitter is only for the first year of my probationary period. I also have a seventy two hour window to present the new appointee.”

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