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When you wake up to barf explosions...

So apparently you can have all sorts of random thoughts when your four year old wakes you in the middle of the night covered in barf.

I've been writing in a morning journal, three pages a day, with The Artist's Way creativity workout program. All sorts of strange, banal and flat out meandering thoughts have ended up between the lines in my slanted scrawl. Some are worth putting away and never seeing again and others rate a second look.

I can go from talking about coffee, laundry and how my nose itches to sharing with myself how I really feel about the world around me all in the same session. If you want to reconnect with your writing I can't recommend this exercise enough. The mental garbage gets tossed out and you feel more refreshed for the day.

Keeping a journal may end up being a lifelong practice after this. We shall see. I'm inherently lazy/fickle at times. This year I'm in love with keeping a journal and next year you could ask me in passing and I'd look at you like you had two heads.

Here is a part of the last page from this mornings journal session when I went all Jack Handy and had me some super deep thoughts:

'The Only constant in life is change.

If you have the grit and determination to love through all the upheavals and chaos then your life will have meant something. For me it is as simple as that.

My purpose is to love those around me and lift them up.

My purpose is to make the best use of my life.

My purpose is to struggle but not lose site of the road or the journey.

My purpose is what I decide it will be.

My purpose changes as my world changes.

Minute to minute and hour to hour I am becoming. What I become is unknown because it doesn't stop. It goes on forever even as my bones crumble and any memory of my life's deeds fade.

Tiny particles of my cells will rejoin others and become and become again and again and again. Infinity is unimaginable in my current state. When I am broken down to my simplest parts no thought will be required because I will have become a peice of infinity itself. If that isn't beauty I don't know what is.

The power and majesty of existence inspires just by virtue of itself.'

AND I'll wrap this up with some similarly inspired poetry because I can.

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