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Is it really lack of time or are you trying to do too much?

I am not a super powered, invincible, tireless, do-it-all and I shouldn't be. None of those things exist unless you're reading fiction or comics. Why in the world do we expect it of ourselves?

Today and pretty much every day in 2015 I have been beating myself up because I'm not writing fast enough - or just enough period. Well gee - I wonder why?

From the moment your work goes live you have this whole other set of 'to-do's' that get added to an already full life.

You become a small business, a promoter, a social media checking whirlwind and somewhere in there you've got to fit in the actual writing. You know - the thing that started this whole mess and brings you endless joy and frustration? Yeah that thing.

I wish I had some sage words of wisdom and a formula or schedule for others to follow that would solve the whole mess but alas - I do not. I'm just like all the rest of the world - living one day at a time and doing the best I can. :)

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