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Book Signings Approach!

I'd like to say I'm filled with absolute joy and nothing else regarding my upcoming signing at Barnes & Noble BUT that would be a falsehood.

The same little demons that plague every writer's confidence as they draft or edit accompany them to book signings and all of the other doings of an author.

Does that mean it won't turn out to be a fabulous event with good friends and happy readers in attendance - not really. The key is to remember to relax into the things that go awry and have fun. Anything I do or you do will likely be as memorable as we make it and doubt is completely natural.

So I'll leave you with a new doodle that might inspire peace and tranquility for your day and get back to the business of writing Book Five, DESCENT!

I hope to see everyone on February the 28th at 2pm at the Barnes & Noble in the South Plains Mall in Lubbock, TX for my first sigining. Hugs are free and so are smiles so don't miss out.

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