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Insight Interview #1 with Author, Patricia W. Fischer.

Vaun: Well hello Patricia! Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. Patricia: Thank you so much for having me. Vaun: So I’m going to dive right into the questions because I’m impatient like that. My first question is: What drives you to write? Patricia: Ironically, impatience! I have this need, this drive, craving if you will, to tell stories. I always have. It's in my genes. I come from a long line of storytellers and love it. And I see things, remember things from when I worked as a nurse, a waitress, a bank teller, from high school and wonder "what if" a lot. Vaun: On any given day if you had to choose between skipping a meal or losing writing time what do you think you’d do? Patricia: I frequently forget to eat because of writing time so that pretty much answers that question. Vaun: Do you feel called to write only in one genre or do you branch out occasionally? For example, I have a Science Fiction series but I love a good book no matter what the subject. If a story hit me I’d definitely pounce on it even if it was a Western. Hold do you feel about an author genre crossing? Patricia: I write what feels good, what story needs to be told. I think I write better in one genre than another such as contemporary and historical. I could write a historical at some point and hope to, but right now, my heart is in the contemporary world. I've got ideas for a NA light paranormal and a dark paranormal. Love writing comedies, making people laugh. It's my favorite thing. Vaun: Do you feel like you have a creative balance? Do you have a routine that helps you get in writer mode? Patricia: I've got four kids, all under the age of 12y so I have to snag writing time when I can. There are 3 hours a day when the kids are all in school and I don't do any social media, answer the phone, etc. I'm writing then, even if I don't want to. And I'll write later in the day before the rest of them get home, but I have to write daily or I feel lost. Vaun: I’d like to end on a creative note so I’m going to give you a writing prompt and I’d like for you to write a short scene with it – just enough to hook a reader on an imaginary ride. Here it is: The darkness held invisible life… Patricia: ...that she couldn't resist. She'd told herself the lie too often. She had to know who... what it was. Leaning forward, her hand trembling as she reached for the door and yanked it open. Whew! I think I might do something with that. Thanks for the prompt. Vaun: Patricia, you are indeed a writer and I would buy that book if you wrote it! You already have some books out there in Reader Land so why don’t we close this down with all of your information? Patricia: Sure! You can find me at,,, and Thank you so much for having me. My latest book of my Tuscany, Texas series is out and you can find the entire series at:

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