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Ups and Downs.

Some days the creative high of writing feels like it will carry you in a wave of elation until you die. Other days are a fog of self-doubt and crumbling defenses.

Sounds dramatic, huh?

If you're trying to get traditionally published and you've just gotten your umpteenth vague rejection or a reader panned your self published book in a review it can be a struggle to remember why you're putting your heart on your sleeve at all.

I just have to remember how much I love the world I've created and keep typing until the fire that drives me runs out of fuel. Bad days happen to good people.

Perhaps as therapy you can create a character down the road that bears a striking resemblance to the rejector and have them die a horrible death...

Not too far in the past I announced I was going to self publish in May, 2014 with my first book. I'm sure you've guessed I've gone past the mark again...oops! First I'm going to set up an LLC and then I plan to release more than one book in the series at a time. Maybe that will make up for my blunder!

Thank you to anyone who bothers to read this since I feel like this particular blog is a disjointed ramble.

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