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OWFI2014 Conference!

On the subject of conferences and workshops for writing I'm still fairly new.

I can tell you if I hadn't been suffering from laryngitis at this last one I flew to in OKC, I would have gotten a lot more out of it. As it was, my inability to speak beyond hoarse words without coughing in tear inducing spasms let me use my ears more.

Paying attention to the people and the conversations around you is invaluable. I learned from other writers the kinds of worries and obstacles they face when pursuing their dreams and I learned I'm not alone in any of my struggles.

Could I have benefited from a session on how to reach or build an audience or how to reduce my use of passive voice? Indubutably! Considering I was under the weather I got from the Oklahoma's Writer's Federation, Inc. 2014 Conference what I could; and it was a lot!

I met nice people, (and other sci-fi writers, cheers!), made my first face-to-face pitch with an agent and was asked by another agent to look her up. My roommate, Winona Cross, may be a new life-long friend and I'm picky about who I call a friend. Winona is top-notch!

If you're pursuing writing with a passion never, never, never pass up an opportunity to meet like minded human beings and learn, learn, learn!

Now I can't wait to attend the WTAMU Writers' Academy in June, 2014.

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