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Plowing Through the Never's, Impossibles and I Can't Do That's.

I'm in a strange state of suspended animation.

One would think that a person who'd written four books already would not just believe but know that yes they can write a book.

Some might even name my mental state a sophomore slump.

It isn't a lack of ideas that has grabbed hold of me - it is doubt and fatigue.

My ever present demon squats not just on my shoulder but in my head whispering sweet nothings about failure and foolishness at attempting to spin yarns for others to enjoy.

I switched tacks and dove into drawing to distract myself from his rants but right now the little-pitchforked bugger is digging in his hooves.

The answer, of course, is for me to plow through. And I shall.

Just remember, no matter how much the people around you may think you have it together it's what you think and do that matters most.

So, I've got to follow my own rules and get to writing. I'll keep the goal simple - finish one book in 2015. If I can do that then maybe I can evict the red devil of my mind...for a time.

The willpower that drives me to do anything to the fullest of my abilities isn't gone.

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