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I'm an impatient person. If you know me you know that statement is not an exaggeration - at all. Sometimes I rush into things simply because I'm excited.

A good example is the jacket above. First of all, I love it. Nathalia Suellen is a talented artist and I'm super lucky to be working with her for my series. This draft is not the one I used though. My editor, Todd Barselow, found some back jacket text mistakes, of mine, that needed fixing. I would have, in my haste and happiness just used it anyway because it's lovely. I didn't. Nathalia fixed the text and now its all good.

My point here is that there are a lot of behind the scenes steps to publishing a book and if you're an impatient sort you're going to have to rein yourself in time after time. Before I had an idea of getting a book out to the public I thought there were magical little book fairies that made the fabulous things I read pop onto the shelves whole and ready for my consumption. Well, not really, everyone knows about editors and cover artists and marketing. But I didn't have any concept of the time involved. You'd better enjoy delayed gratification if you're a writer!

That said, click HERE for a link to CHANGELING on Amazon!

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