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Author Blog Hop!

I was tagged for an author blog hop with four questions about writing by another author, Jennifer Windrow. Click on her name for a link back to her blog and the chain of authors before her.

  • What am I working on right now?

Currently I’m working like mad to get CHIMERA, Book One of the Weaver Series, out for publication in all forms. Amazon: check. CreateSpace: in process. Audiobook Creation Exchange: next on my list. That first sentence should clue you in that I chose to self-publish. It’s a boatload of work but it’s fulfilling and you have total control over your own books. I can’t endorse it enough! Click HERE for a link to CHIMERA on Amazon.

At this particular moment in time I’ve just finished the first draft of the fourth book entitled, PHOENIX. I’m about to dive into edits on book two, CHANGELING. Book three, VECTOR, is set for the editor sometime this August.

I won’t claim to be a particularly patient person and traditional publishing is a slow and frustrating process based on luck, whim and overloaded, overwhelmed staff. You couldn’t sign me up to work for a major house, they have an incredibly tedious job and I don’t envy them the hours they spend weeding through all those hopeful souls’ manuscripts.

  • How does my work differ from others in the genre?

My genre is Science Fiction, mainly because that’s what I enjoy reading. Don’t get me wrong, I love almost any book but Science Fiction has a special place in my heart. I should probably blame Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Anne McCaffrey and Carl Sagan.

The Weaver Series is based upon the idea that we’re all connected and the universe we live in is a fascinating place full of danger and discovery. This is by-all-means not a new concept but the approach and personalities of my characters should give you an exciting ride. (At least that’s my hope!)

  • Why do I write what I do?

I write because it intrigues me, because I’m a daydreamer or because I can’t stop. (Yes, I think all of those reasons will do.) I’m in love with science as a whole. The idea that it serves all of humanity with the sole purpose being the discovery of truth, fills me with hope for the future. No question is a bad question and every answer can be disproved to the betterment of all. I seek truth while entertaining with an elaborate lie. Oh, and it is dang fun, that’s why!

  • How does my writing process work?

I’m not keen on outlining. It did happen with the Weaver Series but I soon strayed from the map into uncharted territory. I believe some other writers’ classify that as being a pantster. (Panster = a person who writes by the seat of their pants. Yup, that’s me!) Basically I stay out of my own way and write intuitively. There is very little revision to the story after the first draft beyond mechanical details. I’ve heard other authors speak of rearranged chapters and renaming characters or changing their motives and personalities after the fact. That sort of rewriting gives me a headache to even contemplate. (To each their own!) My writing methods are as straight forward as my personality. I pound it out on the keyboard over anywhere from four to six months, (or as long as it takes), and it is done until I pick it back up for editing.

Use a professional editor. I can’t recommend that enough. They help you hone your skills and point out the things you’re blind to when you’re busily drafting, lost in your personal dream world. Editors make it possible to learn from your mistakes and give you an objective outlook that you can’t find from friends or family. (Not that I’m knocking you momma mia!) It is of course necessary to find the right fit. Not just any editor will do. Look for someone who likes your genre and check their references. Make sure they have the know-how to edit. Picking over other people’s words is no easy task!

I have tagged Melody Robinette, Linda Fry and Winona Cross. You should be hearing from all of them on 8-11-2014!

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